MAGNUM Industry 24 Carat Gold Revolution X5


MAGNUM 24 Carat Gold Industry:

Our models from the MAGNUM Industry range are particularly well received in the catering sector and by private users. The innovative blow-out system saves components, enables quick assembly and disassembly and easy cleaning. And, if the X-design of the smoke column and base is also visually reflected, users and bar operators with high demands on appearance will also be convinced.

MAGNUM 24 carat gold Industry:

The MAGNUM Industry model series was explicitly developed for bars and has the same technical specifications of the MAGNUM Revolution model series. It is also one of the first hookahs in the world whose production process has been tested by TÜV. Since the hookah models of the Industry series do not require a blow-out valve for blowing out, assembly and disassembly are simplified.

Visually, these models convince all hookah users from the catering industry. The distinctive noble design is convincing, because we give the crystal glass bowls also in the Industry models our characteristic X-design. The smoke column also high-alloy stainless steel looks extravagant and high quality.

From turbocharger to MAGNUM water pipe?
High-quality products made of stainless steel have long been our core business: for decades
our traditional German company has stood for innovative and highly dynamic production.
For our mechanical engineering customers, we stand for top performance and exclusivity.
We have developed numerous turbocharger technologies for the automotive sector and have thus become a successful and popular supplier.
and have become a successful and popular supplier.
The MAGNUM water pipe
With our special know-how, we have put our knowledge and experience into the development
of an innovative hookah.
The MAGNUM hookah is unique worldwide in its function and composition!
High-quality stainless steel components and innovative technology raise the smoking experience to a new level.
new level. You have never experienced taste and smoking behavior like this before!
The MAGNUM is more than just a water pipe. It is the essence of our many years of
experience and our engineering expertise: Innovation and high-end product in one.
Learn more about the special features of MAGNUM hookahs.
Be part of the revolution!

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